I was born to create art. It is a God-given gift that emerged early in my life and has continued to manifest itself as I matured into an artist who is not content to remain in the studio. I have always been inspired to bring the joy of color, form and content to public spaces. No matter the medium or event, I want to transport viewers into my creative space and mutually celebrate the beauty and wonder of art in all of its genres and interpretations.

My love for taking art to the people and feeding off of their energy is the driving force behind my live paintings. Although I am there to encapsulate a moment on canvas, I am also provided with the unique opportunity to be a part of the evening’s entertainment. It’s an ideal situation where everyone’s a winner. Guests are allowed to watch and interact as the painting is being completed, I get to capture the intimate moments of such colorful celebrations, and the couple receives a timeless work of art that they as well as future generations can cherish forever.

Christopher Turner